Zen is the process of attaining enlightenment as per the teachings. With that in mind, I am living with the ultimate goal of leading a fulfilling life and to be enlightened in every aspect of what I experience. Finding that inner harmony is difficult to achieve when the day to day activities the world throws … [Read more…]

Experiencing the Calm

Find the place that you enjoy and embrace it. Enlightenment can be attained where one is content and at peace. My place is the picture above. Being one with nature, escaping humanity and the burdens of a modern life. This is, and always is the path. Existing is not living. Love, cherish & appreciate. Accept … [Read more…]

Perpetual Oblivion

Time. We are but an instant. A flicker on the eternal clock. Breathe deeply. Often. Air is to be appreciated and enjoyed – feel it. Embrace the warmth of light – feel it. Bathe, drink and experience that which is the love of life – feel it   Life is experience. Feeling is life. Death … [Read more…]